Two Factors that Exacerbate Depression

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Two Factors that Exacerbate Depression

Depression is a state of an emotional lacuna, caused mostly by some unanticipated or seemingly unbearable disappointments, frustration or just some form of emotional gullies. Most times, we experience certain things that make us feel down, at least for some period. That is not depression as it were. Depression only begins to surface when a person sinks deep into the very things that made them not to feel good about themselves. Hence, an immediate response to attack the nursery before they grow into a forest is very essential. This begins, firstly by identifying the things that are likely to exacerbate the condition or make it worsen. Then avoid them.

The following factors can be said to be responsible for worsening a state of one’s emotional condition, which might result in depression.

Unhealthy and Prolonged Self-Isolation: When things are not good, the response we are more prone to give to that situation is withdrawal and self-isolation. Many people draw back into some form of virtual shell. This is a trap! When you feel down, avoid staying alone for extended period of time. This might make your mind dwell long on the condition or situation, imprisoning your thoughts thereby, until almost everything around seem bleak and blur. This is depression knocking. Avoid it.

Overrated Lamentations: One thing you must avoid when things knock you down is to avoid extended lamentations. My personal philosophy has always been to not worry about what you cannot fix.

If you can’t fix the past, why worry about it?

If you can’t change yesterday, why worry about it?

If you can’t turn the hand of time, why worry about it?

Seize the present and make the most of it, perhaps the outcome might make up for the losses and lapses of the past.



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