The Crossroad

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The Crossroad

Ever been caught in deciding between variety of available alternatives or options? Ever suffered between going left or right? Ever stood at a spot for a while, just wondering “what on earth is the next direction from here in the direction of my destination?” Ever wondered if your choice of decision is right?

Every day, when we wake up, we are faced with the task of decision making. For some persons, this is not a big deal, as they can just shove it through quite easily, and get going. While for a truckload of others, it is a grave task. But for all of us, it determines what becomes of us. To put it in a single sentence, we are our choices and our choices define who we are or will be.

The following steps will help you when next you are at a crossroad:

1.       Look inward: Trying to get external signals and to read your directional course off someone else’s compass will land you in the wrong destination. When you at a crossroad, don’t be hasty in seeking external opinions. This has its place; its place is not the first place. The first place to turn is ‘inward’. What do you look out for when you look inward? There’s what is called “Inner Peace”. That peace is a pointer, that helps point you in the right direction, and signal you when you are going wrong. So, look inward.

2.       Engage External Consultations: “Out of the mouth of two or more witnesses, a truth is established.” It is true that people might unanimously decide to take a stand with falsehood. Well, that case or scenario might not quite apply here. After looking inward, if you are still confused, seek external counsel (from those you can depend on, and truly trust; people who can rightly guide you. In the automobile industry, a car is furnished with two headlamps. This is to help the driver make sound decision in the midst of darkness (crossroad, confusion). Similarly, if you can engage with the right people, you can be rightly guided in making sound decisions when you are at a crossroad.

One wrong decision can cost you more than you are willing or able to pay.  The value of a right decision cannot be underestimated.


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