Reasons Why Some Women Loose Interest in Men

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Reasons Why Some Women Loose Interest in Men

So you met a girl in the mall and after 5 minutes of small talk, you got her number. Back then she seemed excited to meet you and exchange details. Out of nowhere, she now seems bored and uninterested; you don’t get why. Did you say something wrong? Probably not.

You’ve been going out with this girl who seems really cool and all. In the early stages of the relationship, both of you could barely keep your hands to yourself. Now, she doesn’t even laugh at your jokes anymore. Where did you miss it?

What makes a woman invested in a man -for a minute or a year- only to be completely uninterested the next day? Nobody can really say as every woman is different, all of them with separate expectations. Nonetheless, there are common reasons that women everywhere agree on to be enough to lose interest in a man. Here’s 3 of them:

When the romance dwindles

I don’t know if it’s a society programming of women or how they jus think, but they find it hard to stay attracted to a man who can’t keep up the romance. Women talk about men who sweep them off their feet with creative and confident romantic gestures only to go cold on them and let the fire burn out. At least for the initial stages of every potential long term relationship, the man is expected to woo the lady with genuine romantic gestures to signal to her that he’s boyfriend material


It’s considered cute and expected when a woman expresses indecisive behaviour, but no so much for men. Women get repulsed by men who don’t seem to know what they want or can’t seem to make up their mind over trivial matters. It sounds old school, but women are attracted to men with a plan. A simple example to illustrate would be that girl you struck a conversation with at the bank the other day, things were going fine and it looked like sparks flew. Only for you to call her to work out a meet-up/date but with no idea of a venue or time that you’re good with. Rather than ask her when she’ll be free so you can plan your time around hers, tell her when you’ll like to go out with her and if she won’t be available then, she may be motivated to reschedule.

He didn’t seem like he had a life

This one took me forever to figure out for myself. Nobody, not just women, likes a person that latches on to you like they don’t anything else in life to do. Especially with ladies you meet in public, It’s important to know when to leave some loving for later. To be more attractive as a man, you have to pay more attention to the things that motivate you. Women are uncontrollably attracted to men who are actively working towards their dreams

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