Planning a successful future Part 1

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Planning a successful future Part 1

I really do want to make it in life, but I don't know how to go about it or what to do!

Success is apparently something we all strive for, from the moment we were born to the moment we got educated, to the moment we land our first job. The whole process is actually meant to move you forward in life, building yourself a suitable and better future. But how do you plan or actually intend go about it or how do you start planning such a big feat? Let's get you started...

1. Think About a Future for Yourself

Find a silent or quiet place where you can think without being disturbed. At the end of it all, you are actually planning for a successful future for yourself, which actually means you need to first get into the mindset of thinking about how to go about it and for yourself.

Thinking about a successful future is actually a necessity that should be done without any or form of distraction or interruptions. Being in a quiet place will actually help you think on your own as no other people will have little or zero influence on decisions you feel you're comfortable with. It is actually your life that you’re thinking about, so staying focused in this kind of time or moment will be of great help and benefit later when you actually need to stay focused on the actual acts to be successful.

To actually spend time on your own shouldn’t be something that would get you discouraged. Before actually taking action for a better future for yourself, you need some clarity or clear picture on what it is you exactly want. Always Ask yourself questions pertaining to what it is that you actually want, and not what others want or would want for you.

·         Always Explore key questions about the future you want.

Ask yourself!...Is the life you see for yourself actually one where you aren’t living for others? And Why do you actually want a change?, What could actually be a manageable change that can be made pretty much immediately? Asking yourself questions like these can help you to know yourself better and they can also get you to actually rationalize your thoughts, instead of blindly dreaming. The more difficult the questions are for you to answer, the more likely they are to be most important essential or vital ones.

·         You need to Stop thinking of the past and focus on the present and future.

This should assimilate into your mind and would always help you to persevere towards your dream. Dwelling on things that is past is actually a hindrance when you attempt to move forward. Being successful is actually all about going forward, developing or building yourself, and letting things go to make it all possible.

Letting go of the past will also make you more present and be a little bit realistic with yourself. You may actually feel like you’re moving forward, but if you’re mentally stuck elsewhere or your mind isn't present, then your mind is unable to sort out what is currently happening around you and what needs to happen. What actually happened has happened, and what needs to happen should actually be what you be thinking about now.

Thinking about what you did or what you have done can lead you to think about failures. This can actually discourage you, and can make you start thinking about your self-worth in a bad light or way Instead, take failures as lessons on what you ought not to do so you don’t actually have to repeat mistakes.

Moving on will also help you live with what you’ve done either good or bad. There’s actually no way to succeed in the future if you don’t always accomplish putting mistakes and other failures behind you. Doing all this can actually make you put all of your energy towards reaching your dream, so that you can actually know that nothing is wasted in things that can no longer be dealt with..


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