Living in Regrets

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Living in Regrets

People live in regrets when they chose to live their present in their past. Regrets are only an overflow of the mourning of mistakes, actions and inactions of the past, most of which we have no direct control over. That is the central point in this write-up. If you have no control over it, don’t allow it control you!

Life is too short to live it in regrets. Therefore, apply the following short, but very effective steps to handling mistakes and the effects of regrets:

1.       Accept your humanity: It is inherent in man to err, and error is always lurking so close, that except a man is helped of God, he might mostly know a life of error and mistakes. This happened with the very first human creations of God (Adam and Eve). So, accept your humanity. Accept that you are bound to make mistakes. This way, you don’t become comfortable with mistakes, but you become confident that your mistakes doesn’t mean the end of your life or destiny.

2.       Embrace Divinity: Since it is inherent in the species God made us to make mistakes, then we need something even more to handle our mistakes. Because you have hit the wrong button doesn’t mean the end of the road. Depend on God. Go back to God. He can fix it! And He will fix it if you trust Him. No mistake of man is above what God can fix. Let Him fix it!

3.       Keep Hope Alive: No matter what you lose, don’t lose hope. A hopeless man is helpless.

4.       Maintain Happiness: Your happiness is a tool for your salvation, just as the scriptures have said: “with joy shall they draw water out of the well of salvation” – Isaiah 12:3. So, by all means, and no matter what seems to be the matter, ensure that your happiness is not tampered with, because whatever steals your happiness is out for your salvation.


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