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It's everyone's desire to be happy, nobody wishes to be sad but sometimes we can't just it help due to a situation we find ourselves.

 Here are some keys we can use to live a happy life.

1) Be contented: Try as much as possible to be contented with what you have, don't go killing yourself over something you can't afford.

Note: that doesn't mean you shouldn't work hard to achieve your goals or what you want, but if it is something that will take away your happiness, just forget it.

2) Try to cultivate love for people: don't go around filling your heart with hate for people. There are times my friends tell me i hate this person and i'll ask why and they would say they dont know that they just hate the person. Even if someone hurt you. try not to nurture the hurt for it to turn into hate, it will ruin your happiness

3) Avoid Envy: Some people will say there is good envy and there is bad envy, well i agree with them. So in other words avoid any envy that will ruin your happiness.

The envy i tag as good is the one that doesn't ruin your happiness but motivates you to achieve more in life.

4) Don't postpone your happiness: don't say i will be happy only when i get married, or only when i finish school, or only when i get a job. Be happy right now! We never know what tomorrow holds

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