Facts About Quiet people

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Facts About Quiet people

When people hear the Word “quiet”- a group of people who don’t talk too much , but the truth is it goes deeper than just talking too much , it’s more of an emotional subsidy of withdrawal, it’s more like you not having a complete cycle of emotions , it’s more like you are on an unbothered mode since you was birth too , Quiet people aren’t introverts and Quiet people aren’t shy , I personally don’t believe that , Shy people come to live when they are around people they are comfortable with, introverts come to live when they are in their place of comfort , but quiet people, When do we come to Live ? that’s a question to an answer I myself can’t even answer, that’s why it’s an emotional Subsidy , no we aren’t sad , we just don’t react to everything and anything and I think this is where the rest of the world have a problem with us , the saying goes “people fear what they don’t understand “ and it’s hard to understand Quiet people, because don’t know how they would react to certain situations and it scares them. But being a Quiet person comes with a little advantage ,

You’d be well respected

People would take your opinions seriously

People wouldn’t want to get on your bad side

With it comes it’s disadvantages

Most of the times you’d be alone

You’d be a natural distant person

People who don’t really know you would be afraid of you

Those you love , would always be affected

But here comes the really hard part as a Quiet Person , being yourself

People would want you to change, people would want you to talk more and say more , but if you aren’t compatible with it , you don’t need to do it , people would call you proud , wicked , snobbish , lazy , arrogant , you’d be tagged onto different things, you don’t need to change for anybody or anyone , you weren’t the one that programmed yourself , if they can’t leave with it , it’s best they should go far away from you . Be proud that you are a quiet person , be proud of who you are, because we Quiet species are the most Mis-guided species in the World

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