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1. Be your authentic self

People (and the opportunities they carry with them) are drawn to people who are their true, authentic selves. do not try and be somebody {you are|you're}n't--capitalize on who you are.

2. Set massive goals

We all would like goals in our lives, and also the larger the goals you set, the sweeter they're once you finally attain them. Of course, as before long as you attain a goal, confirm you've got others in line behind it.

3. create a shot to remain organized

The most sure-fire folks square measure either extremely organized themselves or they rent those that will facilitate them keep organized and heading in the right direction. acknowledge which sort of person you're, so do no matter it takes to remain on prime of things.

4. still push yourself...

Successful folks work simply a bit bit tougher, and a bit bit smarter, than everybody else. the purpose is that you simply need to push yourself to stand out and to face out from the gang.

5. ...And then push simply a bit tougher

When sure-fire folks encounter AN obstacle in their path, they work even tougher to induce over, under, or around it. they'll strive a brand new strategy or plan of action within the face of adversity, however they ne'er quit.

6. Expect perfection (but settle for excellence)

Most sure-fire folks grasp that perfection isn't needed, however they attempt for it anyway. And if they solely attain a wonderful outcome, they settle for that, so go to consecutive chance.

7. Take time to smell the roses

Successful folks often realize opportunities to step aloof from their work to require breaks, get pleasure from vacations, and pay time with friends and family. when recharging their batteries, they are able to hit it arduous all over again

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