Conquer yourself

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Conquer yourself

I know the title sounds weird, but kindly follow through.

The last time you decided to get something done that you eventually didn’t get done, who truly kept you from getting it done? No matter the influence those around us seem to have on the things we do or achieve, we have the greatest influence. It is like a person who has 60% of the shares of a company, while the other 40% is shared among a group of ten. The fellow with the largest share determines what is and is not in the company, to a very large degree. That is exactly how the influence of people as to what you decide becomes of you when compared to your own decision.

Do you yet realize that your greatest enemy is yourself, and if you cannot conquer yourself, you cannot conquer anything? If you cannot win the battle against yourself, you cannot become a winner in life. If yourself knocks you down time and again, you can be sure that you might simply stay down in life.

How do you conquer yourself?

I won’t be quick to say you should discipline yourself. That sounds right, but in truth, yourself will quickly defeat you in that battle. It is like trying to run faster than a Cheetah on ground, or to beat a fish in swimming. I have one recommendation: Know your limits; then defy them. Let me say that again: Don’t allow your limitations define you; defy them!

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